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Since 1992 of release

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Security measures at work with the power supply system


At performance of any works with injection system it is necessary to carry out following safety measures:
1. A key rule: the persons having a warm stimulator to work with system of injection and the system of ignition connected with it are not supposed.
2. The general rule: by manufacture of any works in an impellent compartment it is necessary to disconnect, at least, ignition system to disconnect a cable of weight from the storage battery is even better. For protection against possible casual connection of a cable with the storage battery the cable is necessary for taking aside.
3. If the storage battery is disconnected, diagnostics system, a protective code of a radio receiver (if the radio receiver of this kind is established) and other devices of the car having memory, lose the information. For a radio receiver the code should be entered anew.
4. Depending on type of the established anticreeping system of the alarm system it at switching-off of the storage battery can join. Information on it you can receive more exact in the instruction on using anticreeping system of the alarm system. Familiarise with it before to disconnect the storage battery.
5. Do not start the engine if plugs of the storage battery are not fixed by appropriate amount.
6. Do not disconnect the storage battery at the working engine.
7. Before gymnastics of the storage battery it is necessary for disconnecting.
8. Do not use an accumulator room of batteries pressure more than 12 In for engine start.
9. Do not disconnect the electronic block of management if ignition is included.
10. Before joining штекерного connections check up a condition of plugs and reliability of their interface. Check up also reliability of fixing of a spring.
11. Before carrying out of welding works disconnect from an electric chain the electronic block of management.
12. At check of pressure of compression disconnect the connecting tip from the electronic block of management. Thereby fuel giving to injection gates is excluded.
13. Do not apply control lamps to check of chains and do not apply wires to connection with weight.
14. The fuel system constantly is under pressure. It means that at a detachment топливопроводов or any other elements of system there can be a fuel emission. In repair trucks of firm Opel to pressure removal in system apply the special device. In the absence of such device on connection the thick rag and a nut slowly is imposed turns away. It is obvious that it is impossible to smoke or use open fire or a control lamp at work with fuel system.
15. Before carrying out of any works with system of injection and the system of ignition connected with it it is necessary to familiarise with their device.